Thursday, July 28, 2011


Thanks for coming over to check out our new blog. My name is Mahayla. If you have stopped into the tasting room before odds are I was the girl chatting you up behind the bar. I spend a decent chunk of my life at the tasting room and I love it! We have a beautiful space, I am surrounded by gorgeous wines and, best of all, great people are stopping in all the time.
Here are some things I am going to be giving you folks the inside scoop on:

  • new releases
  • wines hitting their peak
  • the progress of the restaurant and bar 
  • upcoming musical and dancing events
  • some of the interesting topics that come up in wine bar conversation daily

So swing on over to the tasting room for a glass the '08 Pinot Noir, my current favorite, or check back in here for some more cellar rumors.